"HEY TAXI" lp's


I have got plenty of time,
waiting in line,
again and again thinking.
An awfull instant, the next is fine
Mind always running.

Jumping from happy thoughts to hell, same pattern day after day,
until the break, I know so well,
every instant's right anyway.

Choose ! You like it or you don't
Again and again thinking.
Choose !
Again and again thinking.

We have all our own reasons,
according to experience
Optimising, this is science.
Never again crying or bleeding, pretending : "Now I know !"
But always repeating,
again and again, the same show.

Ultimate justification,
being perfectability
Refusing limitations,
frailty of humanity.
Is it only self indulgence ?
Can I really change my destiny ?

Take whatever will come,
always being happy,
not because of any reason,
this is a way to be free,
this is a way.
Choose !


Hey, waoow, look that
who's coming over there
Fine racy face in a big rain coat
"Hey Lilly, can you send another cab
to 8, Grand Road ? I'm busy,
she's here suddenly, she's here!"

Hey taxi, hep Sir
Please stop to take a girl
need a break, someone to take
someone to take me home
I try to grin, lift up my chin,
So you mightsee my pretty face
I wave my arms,
Please I ment no harm
Just time to stop
That crazy race

Wet winter night, darkness closing in Tears streaming from her face
Is it rain drops or salty water ?
C'mon, hurry up and cross that street Lights taking forever to turn green
We may miss, everything's moving slow motion


Oh girl, I feel like talking to you
but I dont want to jump into your head Feel free, relax, cry if you want to
Take a breath for the short time you're sitting in
When she moves out, she sends a smile For shure we're going to meet again Without a word, just one or two phoney ones, we shared the highest energy
I feel so shy when I see the beauty
and not a word's coming out of my throat I can't wait the day we'll meet again


The click of footsteps down the street,
I follow hoping our eyes will meet.
Her hair swinging down her back
Her head never turns to look
Far city sound dissolve,
all I hear is my own resolve
to stay close to the click of her shoes, their rhythm says "what have I got to lose" ?
Rivers rushing through my mind
I dream always three steps behind
Ice freezing me out in waves
Fire wondering what she craves

Rivers of ice, freezing my soul,
Rivers of ice, sizzking my fire.
Rivers of fire,searing my soul,
Bunrning me up with desire.

Stars exploding in my head
Hail remembering what she said
Lies that froze me out of her heart.
Pain watching us drift apart.
Still I follow the click in the street. praying that fire and ice will meet
drown us in torrents of desire
melting in rivers of ice and fire.

Rivers of ice, rivers of fire
Drowning us in desire.


Way past eight, always late,
never get to work on time.
Traffic jammed in The Strand,
no trains on the Central line.
Skies are grey, usual day,
minutes trickles down my spine.
Need a ride, even tried
to hitch one with a friend of mine. Through the rain, one refrain
circles round and round my brain:
Never make it off this treadmill,
like a gerbil stuck in a weel,

Never make it, never make it,
gotta get across this city.
Never make it, never make it,
gotta get across this city.

You with the knowledge
you with the knowledge
and your meter ticking fast
you with the knowledge
you with the knowledge
and your meter ticking fast
you with the knowledge,
you with the knowledge, you !
Gotta make it, gotta make it,
gotta get across this city.

Tell the driver, keep on rolling
through the grey suburban sprawl, towards the hills, green and breathing, nothing else really matters at all.
Get past Kilburn and West Hampstead, speed through Hendon and Mill Hill, heavy traffic all escaping,
motorways will take the spill.

Pull the hands off the clock,
let the watch glass roll around.
Put a spear through the hour,
twisted metal on the ground...
wait for time to slow down.


In the train, in the narrow carriage
of the train, narrowing.
Speeding on into the deepening darkness of this tunnel,
darkening In the light,
in the dimmly lit carriage
of the train, darkening.
Moving deeper and deeper
into the tunnel of our journeying.
In the dark, in the lengthning darkness of the tunnel,
we are travelling.
In the light, in the long dark night
of our journey, worrying.

How do we hang on
Our strenght and our fear
How do we deal with
The train and the journey
How do we deal with
The others on the journey
How do we deal with
The others and ourselves

We are all being tried
in the darkness through the night,
we are travelling going deeper
and deeper into the tunnel
of our journeying
We are tried by the lenghtning darkness of the journey
we are making by the time
and the space and the darkness
and the others on the journey
Through the night with the light
at the end of the tunnel,
disapearing and the crowds
of people clutching bags,
watching people with belongings.

6. NOW I SEE (Askar)

Please hold my hand
and come with me
down on the beach
to follow the see as it leaves
a playground of pools
where we can splash,
play and explore.

I want to go down beyond the kay walk right out to where I will see,
and smell fresh seaweed,
washed in the lee of crashing
waves on the shore.

Don't be silly dear
And drink your tea,
Your don't wanna go
Down there to be wet
And windblown,
Can't you see we're better off
Here indoors.

I wanna run, think about me.
I want to find out just who I can be. Breathe sharp air that
makes me feel free
to discover more.

I roll my trousers up past my knee Wait through pools,
climb rock and scree
Let waves spray salt all over me
as I face the wind on the shore.

Just stop this non-sens,
Can't you see
You should be greatfull
For your nice tea
Stop this non-sens,
We are all safe here,
We're a familly.
Stop this non-sens.

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Copyright © 2001
Jenni Productions.
All rights reserved.


The first second I saw her in the street
I knew I could'nt resist staring at her
Of course, she knew too, feeling my heart beat.
Jumped in the car and ignored the driver.

Hey please lady, give me that look again, don't escape the game you started.
Ok, nature made you pretty
but you can't help seducing.

You say men just love you for the night, and your only love used to beat you. Jealousy drove him crazy
so you left and married money.

I dont blame you but you should know the price of each of your desires.
I hope you're ready to follow
that what made you light the fire.

And even if you say you're in a hurry, that you're going to miss your flight,
you will not leave the cab so easily 'cause I want you to kiss me.

Kiss me, burmese beauty,
Such a strong fire burning,
Kiss me lady,
To seal the magic feeling, kiss me.

A king and queen, side by side
lean into each other's spaces
carved in stone, painted smile
forever on their faces.

Arms around each other's shoulders
for the last five thousand years,
painted eyes still speaking
for theirs words to reach our ears.

Listen to the wisdom
of an ancient civilization
bridging centuries with information
new and ancient information.

Now icons split apart
crowns and lands assunder
for anarchy to plunder.

The past is our future
and our future is the past:
some mysteries hold fast
and across preparations
for the twenty-first century
ancient whispered information
renews its plea, renews its plea

Listen to potential for transfomation
our many-layered world is full
of coded information
clear and coded information

Some mysteries we crack
even through tears,
in spite of our fears.
Understanding and truth begin to fuse As planets line up with news

The past is our future
and our future is the past:
some mysteries hold fast
and across preparations
for the twenty-first century
ancient whispered information
renews its plea, renews its plea

Listen to the wisdom
of timeless information
the mystics hold the key to realisation.
clear and timeless information.


Alone in the garden of flowers.
There is stone I could weep for hours, but stone would never hear my plea
and the yellow flowers have gone.

Alone in the final hour
when stone and dying flower
surround what's left of my heart
and all the color has gone,
when stone and dying flower
surround what's left of my heart.

And the water in the pool
Turned thick and green
As mosses clogged the flow,
Flowers disapeared
And the air grew cool
For I new you had to go.

And I knew right from the start
one day there'd be no flowers,
only stone within your heart,
and you would leave me alone.

And now, in this garden
your smile asks my pardon
for leaving, leaving me alone
and turning yellow flowers to stone.

For gone are the yellow flowers
their petals washed in salted streams that flow away from the heart
in the garden at the end of dreams


And I knew there was only stone in the garden at the end of dreams.

10. KIDS (Jenni)

When I see you walking in
the streets of the city,
your face hidden by your hair.
Showing the world, you're really unhappy like most of you, kids of despair.
You say there is no future
The word is going crazy
There's nothing you can do
The people and the nature
everything is phoney,
hopeless, no use, but you.

I remember the time,
I was about your age,
It was a serious matter.
We had to show our elders,
we did'nt want to live
in a world of liars.
We thought they were in charge,
they should do something
or everything will disappear.
We will never compromise,
we reject the whole thing,
saying it aloud without fear.

We're all looking for something
I know most of your feelings
Don't you think that I've been through. But a little thing is missing,
even if it's hurting,
you're self-indulgent, most of you. Waiting for the others,
the ones who've got the power
to do something you cannot do.
Taking dope to dream,
let the parents scream,
they will find a way for you

It's easy to refuse,
To say you disagree
Focus the world on you,
Victims of the system.
It's easy to refuse,
Fuck, drink and smoke,
Waiting for the others to do
What you can't do.
It's easy to refuse,
To say the world is crazy
There's nothing you can do,
Every thing is phoney.
It's easy to refuse, so easy.


I speak and you don't see
I smile and you don't feel
I ache and you don't hear

the rhythm of my heart
the burNing of my eyes
the yearning of my mind.

You see and I don't speak
You never feel my smile
the silence of my ache

The rhythm of my heart
the burning of my eyes
the yearning of my mind.

You speak and I can't tell
You feel and I can't see
You touch and I can't find

The colours of your mind
the fragrance of your soul
the shape of our romance.

It's just that we never seem
To be quite how we want to be Expession's never free
Words biting you and me
Missing endlessly missing.

I call and you're not home
I cannot find the phone
I cannot sense your sound

I cannot feel your depth
or hear the shape of warmth
or find your loving hand.

You miss my haunting song
although the note is long
still you cannot see
or understand.


Sixteen years driving taxis,
hoping to meet her one day.
Can you feel girl what's going on ?

Whenever one of you
is sitting in my car,
all my senses know by far
if you're the one I'm waiting for.

Just turn a little the mirror,
so I can see your face.
Intensly looking for
the story in your eyes.

The very difference
between you and me,
the one that's here because of sex, wakes me up and make me feel

the life that's flowing in my veins
and whatever you're doing to me, everything's just as it must be,
even if I'm pretty sure
you're playing some tricky game.

Pole attraction's burning my thoughts
so I come close to my heart

You can do whatever you want to
The love I feel is all I need
You're all I need you're all I want
Hey you fool, can you feel ?