If there is one thing I've always dreamed of it is that everyone of us could make a living with what one likes to do, for lack of being able to like whatever one does for a living. Today, I've got the intimate conviction that everything that happen to us is essentially good and that our biggest mistake resides in the act to choose, to sort out. By the way, this is what the first song of the CD Hey Taxi, "perfectability", is all about.

I decided to open this window on the Net in order to present my work (which was a huge source of joy) and now, I am hoping that most of you will feel a fragment of it.

Hey Taxi's recording adventure was an attempt to approach my friend Urs by seducing him in order to get him to play on the CD as his guitar makes me vibrate the most. I did not really succeed, but that delay enabled me to meet Vincent, an other guitar player, who replaced him positively. Vince's playing pleased Urs so much that he spontaneously offered to improve my production.

When one asks me about the type of music that's on the CD, I feel quite embarrassed. I opted for pop-rock-funk-jazz. The funk-rock was meant for Urs, the other types more likekly represent my style, as you will hear on the mp3 samples filed under MICRO. These tracks,taken in one go with a minimum of editing, seem perfect to me for movie or video score usage. Reciprocally, moving images appear to me as beeing an infinite source of inspiration and I will have no difficulty to produce more of them in order to illustrate documentaries or any other video products.

If you feel curious and have any questions or any remarkes, please feel free to contact me by e-mail, it will be a real pleasure to get in touch with you.

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